After nearly two decades of specialized transportation consulting from RFQ to FAT, AIRO President and Founder, Jason R. Snavely has become internationally sought for his industry specific knowledge. Jason invests approximately 40% of his time consulting with manufacturers of processing equipment, packaging and automation machinery, robotics, aluminum extrusions, and highly customized, ultra-sensitive cargo for the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, food/beverage, nutraceutical, dairy, brewery, laboratory research and medical industries. Delivering our customer’s freight in a damage-free and timely manner has always been our primary objective.

Twenty years ago, Jason questioned why drivers can’t be highly specialized and familiar with the specific cargo requirements our customers face. What if drivers fully understood the expectations of shippers prior to arriving to load, secure and/or tarp their cargo? What if someone clearly communicated their requirements such as tarping, loading time and strict delivery schedules up front, prior to dispatching the driver? Shippers face enough hurdles from satisfying FAT requirements to receiving funds per a draw schedule and packaging the precious cargo for shipping. Who wants to deal with impatient, rude drivers who can’t communicate with the shipper or show up unprepared to rapidly secure the cargo and execute a timely delivery?

The cargo claims process and dealing with insurance companies is time consuming, emotionally draining and places unnecessary strain on customer relations. As a result, Jason has worked closely with leading transportation law firms to thoroughly understand insurance loop holes and strive to minimize the risks faced by all parties involved in the transportation and logistics process. Jason invests a significant amount of time on the floor of AIRO’s customers learning about the manufacturing and packaging process so he can ask questions that lead to safer and more streamlined techniques that ultimately save our customers time, money and enhance their relationships with their customers. Minimizing risk in all aspects of specialized cargo transportation is a fundamental objective. However, attention to details becomes of utmost importance when specializing in high value, ultra-sensitive cargo for the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, nutraceutical, medical, food/beverage, dairy, brewery/winery and packaging industries.

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